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Vibra Pro training book
Vibra Pro Training
Vibra Pro is one of the world leaders in whole body vibration therapy. They are one of the manufacturers of high-quality vibration exercise machines and as such they have a responsibility to ensure that proper use of their vibration exercise machines is passed on to all users so that users will enjoy and get the optimum benefits from their machines.

Many of Vibra Pro vibration exercise machines are utilized for vibration therapy in locations such as chiropractor offices, wellness centers, commercial gyms and other business locations. In many circumstances, Vibra Pro equipment are used under the direct guidance of well-trained vibration professionals.

Vibra Pro has designed a comprehensive training program for the health professional to ensure their clients receive safe and beneficial results from Vibra Pro equipment.

Program course 1 consists of a 70 page manual which covers the history and physiology and science behind whole body vibration machines. This course provides an overall whole body vibration review and looks at the different styles of machines available and discusses the differences between oscillation, triplanar, cross lateral, dynamic wave and spiral rotational movements. Recommended for study by physical trainers, Chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals who utilize whole body vibration machines in their day to day business.

Kazemi Book
Dr. Kazemi Book
With each course book, one exam fee is included. Upon successful completion of an exam the applicant is given a certificate of completion, suitable for framing. This is a great way for professionals to show to their clients that they have been properly trained on the correct use of Vibra Pro equipment, and that they have a good understanding on the principles of Vibration training and its safe and proper applications.

Also available is Dr. Kazemis “Vibration Plate Exercises”. The first complete book on vibration plate exercises. A great number of poses are demonstrated in this book that can be used for power plate workouts, workout routines for women, weight loss programs for women, and exercises for vibro plate. This book shows basic and complex poses, and also has specific routines and poses designed for various athletic groups from cyclists to martial arts professionals. Includes hundreds of photos of different poses.

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