Level 2 - Triplanar - Basic Motion System

Primary effectiveness of Level 2 machines pie chart

This style of whole body vibration machine was the first to be introduced to the scientific and sports community. Often found in commercial sports gyms, this style of vibration therapy utilizes Triplanar vibration, in which the entire platform moves up and down, side to side and front to back at the same time. The platforms do not tip side to side like oscillating machines do. These machines are also known as vibro plate machines and are used commonly in power plate workouts.

These vibration exercise machines typically operate at high speeds and have a short range of amplitude. This unique combination of speed and motion is great for improving blood circulation, increasing muscle strength and building bone density, but not very effective when used for weight loss programs. There are many whole body vibration reviews on triplanar type machines but these are primarily related to strength and endurance training. Power plate workouts and vibro plate machines have been used for strength related vibration therapy for years.

Triplanar, level 2, power plate type machines are a little more expensive than oscillating machines and should be used in the basements or garages of homes as they are a little noisier than oscillating machines.

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