Level 1 - Oscillating - Basic Motion System

Primary effectiveness of Level 1 machines pie chart

Level 1 whole body vibration machines are the most common types of vibration exercise machine and are widely used for different weight loss programs for women and older people. They are also called oscillating machines because the platform that the user stands on will oscillate similar to a see-saw that you can see in a playground. One side of the platform will move up while the other side moves down. The speed of these types of machines is relatively low compared to triplanar style (level 2) whole body vibration machines that are used in power plate workouts. Also, the level 1 type machines have a range of motion (amplitude) that is considerably higher than level 2 vibro plate type machines.

Level 1 whole body vibration machines are very good for the purposes of weight loss, vibration therapy such as improving lymphatic drainage and for balance improvement. Though they will help a little with strength training and bone densification, the low speeds and high range of motion of oscillating machines are not very effective for these types of issues.

Oscillating level 1 machines are used in weight loss centers, lipo laser facilities, fitness centers and in homes for personal use. Key features of most level 1 machines are their ease of use, low noise levels and their gentleness on knee and hip joints. Please note, however, that oscillating machines with very high G Force levels may actually cause severe damage to joints and should not be used by people with weak, damaged or artificial joints.

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