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Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 LEVEL 3 Advanced Dual Motion

Highly Effective Machine with Multiple Built-in Programs

The Vibra Pro Elite machine is a dual motor multi motion machine that features two brand new unique motion styles that are only available from Vibra Pro which offer even more focused vibration therapy. The Vibra Pro Elite offers users the traditional oscillation motion, plus Cross Lateral motion as well as the highly effective Dynamic Wave motion. 3 motion styles are available for demanding users that want a vibration exercise machine that can deliver maximum vibration therapy results. The Elite has a combined amplitude of 33 mm, which is 3 times more than the average vibration exercise machine. Designed specifically for a select few. If you are wanting extreme lymphatic drainage this machine is the right choice. If you are a senior and are looking for a machine to improve your balance, or tighten your core muscles this is the right choice for vibration therapy. If you are looking for a hyper weight loss tool this is the one. The Vibra Pro Elite has 28 built in programs for targeted needs and for simplicity of use.

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The Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 Benefits and Effectiveness

  muscle toning 90%
  weight loss 98%
  strength training 60%
  bone density 80%
  lympathic drainage 98%
  balance 98 %

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 Specification

  • MOTION » Oscillation / Cross Lateral / Dynamic Wave
  • DAMPENER » Integrated Vibration Dampening System
  • SPEED » 99 Settings
  • AMPLITUDE » 33mm
  • PROGRAMS » 28 programs
  • MOTOR » 1x800 watt DC + 1x400 watt DC
  • FRAME » Rugged Welded Steel
  • CENTER MAIN POST » Steel with Vibration Dampener + flex mount
  • BASE » Steel
  • SKIRT » ABS High Impact
  • MACHINE WEIGHT » 116lbs.
  • MAX. USER WEIGHT » 350lbs.
  • PLATFORM HEIGHT » 7.5 inches Above Ground
  • PLATFORM SIZE » 24.5 inches Wide x 17.5 inches Deep
  • LEVELLING » Adjustable Locking Foot Support System

The Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 Features and Details

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


Each Vibra Pro Vibration Dampener is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. Each dampener is precisely calibrated to offset and diffuse any unwanted non-harmonic vibrations emanating from the machine. Vibration dampeners are unique to the Vibra Pro machines and reduce unwanted vibrations by as much as 96.5%.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Control Panel

The Vibra Pro Elite uses a one piece flat control panel that has no hard edges and no raised buttons that are difficult to clean around. The flat smooth surface panel of the Elite is very easy to clean. Pictographs instead of words on the panel make operation much easier.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Handle Bars

The patented Vibra Pro Genesis Elite “X” bar handles are designed to accommodate users from 5 feet 0 inches in height and up to 6 feet 4 inches in height.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Program Modes

The Vibra Pro Elite M7 has 28 built-in programs that are designed to make use easier. Many of these programs have been specifically designed for seniors.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Ultra Bearings

Ultra Bearings on both rotating motors create the ultra quiet motion system which makes the Vibra Pro Genesis Elite one of the quietest machines in existence. Ultra bearings are intentionally used for years of trouble free service.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


Wide base platform has smooth edges and the entire platform is moving creating limitless pose possibilities. The rounded edges of the platform create a soft edge that will not interfere with or hinder your workout.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


The main column support is constructed from steel in a box beam configuration for strength. Since stiff columns can transmit unwanted non-harmonic vibrations, Vibra Pro engineers developed 2 soft urethane dampeners built into the columns to remove those vibrations.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Handle Bar Foam

Handlebars are made with closed cell foam which has been treated with a special compound that has anti-microbial properties, so the users sweat cannot result in mold, mildew or fungus.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Base Skirt

The skirt of the Elite is made of a soft plastic material that is forgiving and helps to make the machine quite. The skirt is angled back towards the center of the machine which makes more foot and toe room when standing in front of the machine. No more banging your toes!

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable foot design allows for easy balancing of the machine to decrease unwanted vibrations. This also allows for a much quieter machine. The foot design allows of the Elite allow placement of the machine on any type of surface from carpet, linoleum, concrete, laminate or hardwood.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


The dual motors in the Vibra Pro Genesis Elite are both DC and produce insignificant amounts of EMF. Designed with new “ultra bearings” which reduce noise by as much as 54%, making the Elite extremely quiet.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


To ensure years of trouble free use, Vibra Pro electronic motherboards are double soldered, which guarantees continuous electrical contact to sensitive electronic components, which could otherwise deteriorate over time or come loose under continuous vibrations produced by the equipment. Competitors products use single soldered boards to lower production costs at the expense of reliability.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part


PVC mat is designed to be slip resistant and PVC material will not absorb water or sweat so there is no possibility of mold, fungus, bacteria or mildew growth. Unique PVC mat has no VOC materials. Unlike rubber mats which can have strong odors, PVC is perfectly safe for people who are sensitive to the smell of rubber. There are 3 raised areas on the mat to accommodate side to side motion and act as lateral dampeners to avoid soft tissue or joint damage.

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 part

Easy Assembly

Vibra Pro machines are pre-assembled at the factory and tested and calibrated then slightly dismantled for packaging. This ensures that the parts will fit together properly when it arrives at your home. All tools required for the assembly are also provided in the box. Additionally, the machine ships with a full color, full page owners manual with simple to understand photos of the assembly process.

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