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vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis KineticFantastic machine. Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic, I love it.I researched the vibration machine market before I bought from you. Everything seems to point to the Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic. I know why now. It is a great machine. Everyone in my family uses it. It works great for shorter and taller people. Personally, my target was to focus on my problem areas. I notice that I have lost about 3 inches on my waistline in only a few weeks. My husband, who is much taller, uses it twice each morning to stretch and loosen his muscles. He uses it before his run to warm up his muscles and right after his run to relax his muscles. My husband said he doesn't feel sore or achy anymore. He loves the machine. I even have my daughter using it regularly. She normally is kind of a couch potato but now that she uses the Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic she also says she feels more energized.

Mary Matheson, Dallas, Texas

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis EliteI love the Vibra Pro Genesis Elite. I have lost 3 inches off my waistline in just over a month. The Elite workout programs are effortless. I feel leaner and much stronger and energized. Your staff, especially Kelly was fantastic in helping me pick out a machine.

Natalie James, Syracuse, New York

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis KineticI have received extensive physiotherapy and chiropractic work over the last few years for a herniated disk in my lower back. I had difficulty walking and trouble sleeping because of the pain. I have been using the Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic everyday for 10 minutes each day for almost 3 months. I no longer have pain. Whole Body Vibration really works for me. I haven't seen my chiropractor or physiotherapist for over 6 weeks now. Your Vibra Pro vibration exercise machine has changed my life. It has increased my core strength and increased my blood circulation which I believe was the source of my problems. Buying the Vibra Pro machine was the best purchase I have ever made. It gave me a new lease on life.

Chris Donaldson, Eugene, Oregon

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis EliteI recommend the Vibra Pro Genesis Elite. My husband and I are in our late 60s and this machine has helped strengthen our core in a matter of weeks. My husband could barely stand up straight before using the machine and I was always so tired. We are delighted with the results.

Margaret Livingstone, Atlanta, GA

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis KineticThe Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic must surely be the best machine on the market as it far exceeds our expectations. The Genesis Kinetic offered the highest quality and performance of all those we considered, period. And you were a pleasure to deal with.

Ted Grant, Green Valey, Arizona

vibration fitness machine - Dynafit P2I have been using the Dynafit P2 for over two years now and its helped me in several track meets. Its helped me with building power in my legs and gives me the edge I need. Thank you Slimvibes for all your help.

Sheri Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis KineticThe Genesis Kinetic is incredible. I have been working out for 12 years, and in terms of muscle tone and definition, I've never been able to produce these kinds of results so quickly. I have tried a lot of different workout equipment but nothing compares to the results I get from using your whole body vibration machine in conjunction with my weight training. I have chiseled my calves and triceps, and have dramatically toned almost every major muscle in my body. Nothing can compare to your Kinetic vibration training machine. Using your machine increases the results of traditional weight training about 100 times. Last year, I suffered a moderate hamstring pull while playing basketball. This type of injury notoriously takes a lot of time to heal. Using the vibrating fitness machine for a few minutes each day, I was able to play basketball again after only three weeks. The Bodywave Pro really helped and its concentrated vibrations allowed me to thoroughly work the muscle.

Derek D, St. Louis, MO

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro Genesis EliteI wanted to let you know that I received my Vibra Pro (Genesis Elite) and have been using it daily ever since. I am simply astonished at my body's response to this machine. I have already lost several inches and can feel myself getting stronger, more flexible and best of all, having far greater energy than I've had in a very long time.

CECILE, San Diego, California

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro 5500 slimI recommend you Slimvibes. The Vibra Pro Slim arrived promptly exactly the way you described it. I have been using it everyday for three weeks and feel both more energized and relaxed. I use it in the morning to get me charged up for a busy day. I also use it in the evening to relax and relieve my muscles. It helps me sleep better.

Jennifer B., Sacramento, California

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro 5500 SlimThe Vibra Pro Slim has really improved my flexibility in just a few weeks. Using your vibration training machine has really enhanced my yoga classes significantly. I feel so limber now, it is incredible. I am 60 but feel as flexible as when I was 16 and doing gymnastics daily. I strongly recommend your Vibra Pro Slim to all my friends and family. It has made a big difference in my life. Thank you so much for helping me pick out such a wonderful vibrating workout machine to suit my needs. If you ever need a reference I will be more than happy to provide a glowing review.

Madeline, Phoenix, Arizona

vibration fitness machine - bodywave proThis note is to compliment Slimvibes for the excellent service and care they have given me. I've purchased multiple units for my business in the last three years. Thank you for an exceptional product and the many years of good service.

Linda Porter, San Diego, California

vibration fitness machine - vibra pro 5500 classicThank you so much for everything. I am not sure where or how to begin to thank you for everything you have done for me. If you remember, I have had severe chronic pain for over 20 years. Last year when I began working with my Vibra Pro 5500, I knew right away that this was the right machine for me. After one month of use, the Vibra Pro 5500 changed my life. Thank you Slimvibes.

Carolyn Davies, Denver, Colorado

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Back Pain

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